What is a Local Immigration Partnership?

LIPs are a mechanism for the creation of community-based partnerships to coordinate, plan and facilitate opportunities to address the needs of newcomers. These multi-sectoral partnerships include not only government and immigrant-serving organizations, but also the broader community that includes faith organizations, schools, cultural societies, social and recreational groups… and much more.

The GOAL...

Is to provide the means by which innovative partnerships can address specific needs in the community. By working together, the collective wisdom of all participants informs the opportunities and outcomes.

How it all started...

In 2019, a Shared Secretariat for Edmonton’s LIP was created, involving ECVO (Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations), MFRS (Multicultural Family Resource Society) and the City of Edmonton. The Shared Secretariat is not taking ownership of Edmonton’s LIP, but is working together to ensure that the new model of Edmonton’s LIP is participatory, people-centred, and considers power dynamics.

Our Mission

ELIP brings communities, organizations and individuals together to learn about the unique needs of newcomers.

We respect the cultural wealth of diverse communities, and celebrate the resilience, skills, and knowledge that newcomers bring to the city.

We guide partnerships in co creating new, community-based solutions, to craft paths to belonging.

We work to help transform newcomers’ aspirations and dreams into an abundant future for them and their families, in a city they can truly call home.

Working Together

We believe that our differences become our strengths when we meet challenges together, learn from each other and co-create paths forward.

Centering People

Because belonging means different things to different people, the needs, strengths and aspirations of individuals and communities must drive action.

Pursuing Equity

Acknowledging and understanding the complexities of intersectionality helps us pursue equity in the face of power differentials and the status quo.

Francophonie Albertaine Plurielle (FRAP)

Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (ECVO)

City of Edmonton

Centre for the Advancement of African Canadians (Africa Centre)

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