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The Edmonton Local Immigration Partnership works towards the creation of community-based partnerships to not only bring opportunities to fruition but to bring them to the communities around us.

The Wellness Project for Frontline Workers

After the COVID-19 outbreak started in March 2020, a group of newcomer-serving organizations based in Edmonton started a series of meetings under the umbrella of the Edmonton Local Immigration Partnership (ELIP).

The organizations’ acknowledge the need to work together to support frontline worker’s mental health and wellbeing.

Assist Community Centre

"This project shows care about frontline workers. It helps us learn, grow and connect with others."

Islamic Family Social Service Association

"Experienced and talented speakers."

Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

"This project shows care about frontline workers. It helps us learn, grow and connect with others.""Please continue these kinds of sessions. It's so helpful."

It's a
Community Effort.

COVID-19 is having a significant impact in our communities; its effects are felt here and around the world. For individuals and organizations who support newcomers, we know this stress is significant. Physical distancing has greatly impacted the ways in which organizations offer critical programming and supports to newcomers, and has placed considerable strain on resources. Services that were once offered face-to-face are now far more difficult with additional challenges such as access to technology, language resources and increased demand for services.

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Information about Edmonton area agencies, and their evolving programs/service delivery/operations.

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